Welcome to the website of the online version of the Apostolic Training School

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1. It is a 2-month school
2. It combines prayer and Bible training with a little of internet training
3. The core is about devotional practices, focused on Acts 6:4, where Paul said that we will give ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word



Online Apostolic Training School: A review
Venue: online @ ApostolicTrainingSchool.teachable.com
Duration: 2hours a day for two months
Fees: None for now
Courses are:
1. Prayer training (prayer through 8 themes from the bible)
2. Bible reading and writing (read through the New Testament and write something daily on your selected verse)
3. Bible lessons and quizzes (40 lessons covering 8 themes from the bible each followed by an objective quiz)
4. Internet training for ministry: blogging and e-book self-publishing
It provides an atmosphere for spiritual adventure, as an Acts 6:4 school.

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